Hello everybody and welcome to Cherish Me Cavaliers.

Cherish Me Cavaliers





Hi there…. we are Cherish me Cavaliers and we live in El Boalo, one of the villages around Sierra de Guadarrama Nacional Park. A marvelous place to enjoy country sites and mountains in a protected environment.

W have allways loved animals, especially dogs.

Time ago we have discovered this wonderfull breed and the first one who came to our home was Molly Grace, our daughter`s pet, a sweet tricolour girl.

Shortly after we have met our dearest friend Katarina from Slovakia and e fell in love with her cavaliers. Specialy our beloved ruby girl Mony.

She came home with her little sister,  one year less old, the funny black and tan Joy.

We am so very proud of them, loving,  smart and happy girls.

They came from selected lineages due to her ancestors’s breeders.

We want also to folllow this selective type of breeding so we are choosing matings to improove lines and to achieve our objetive: get more and more closer to the cavalier standard in every generation of our puppies, in all aspects: beauty, structure and character.

Nicoleta Oprea con uno de sus cachorros
Our girls are tested of heart, patella and eyes following the recomendations of the French Kennel Club for healthy breeding.

The Cavalier is an excelent companion, he enjoy walking as much as he enjoy the sofá… But first of all he enjoy the atention, the presence and love of his owner… So he can not spend too many hours alone.

We invite you to come over to meet us, the girls and their puppies. Cherish Me Cavaliers.